About Goode Environmental

Goode Environmental was formed in 1989. Sheena Goode-Jensen, BSc., is the driving force behind the company. Sheena attended the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC from September 1980 –June 1984, were she graduated with her BSc. in Biology.  In April 2005 Sheena enrolled in Understanding and Evaluating Bioaerosols at the  Faculty of Graduate Studies – University of BC.

April 2011 – Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Review – UBC Faculty of Medicine, School of Environmental Health

February 2012 – AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector

November 2012 – Mould Recognition Assessment and Control

February  2013 – AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector  – refresher training

More About Goode Environmental

April, 1995 – present  —   B&C Foods –  design and implementation of program to monitor processing plant discharge to municipal sewer.  Responsible for determining sampling frequency, taking monthly samples from sewer at point where plant discharge exits grease interceptor and enters  municipal sewer.  Composite samples are taken every 20 minutes for two hours while plant is doing a batch discharge into system.  Results and field observations are written up in report form and submitted to CRD as part of  client’s discharge permit.

2010 – present  – VIHA – Execute quarterly sampling program for discharge permit.

2009 – present  – SNC Lavalin – Monthly freshwater sampling program for Navy ships.

2009 – present  – Island Farms Dairy – sampling/testing of plant discharge.

2009 – present  – Empress Hotel – sampling / testing of discharge for permit compliance.

March 2011 –  P. Beckner (Black Creek Project) – soil sampling (pre purchase clause).

2010 – present – Fisher Road Recycling – water sampling/testing of run off from compost for permit compliance.

Nov. 2012 – present –  Knappett Construction – Water testing and sampling during construction of  McTavish Reservoir.

Present –  Kenetic Construction – On site asbestos Inspection and testing pre-demolition

Present –  G4S Secure Solutions Canada – IAQ testing during construction.

June –August, 2004   –  VIHA – determination of monitoring stations for sanitary sewer discharge permit compliance.  Contract consisted of taking grab samples form various manholes around the South Island Hospitals and analyzing each sample for various organic and inorganic contaminants. The results were entered into an excel  spread sheet and submitted to CRD. The results were then used to determine sampling points for Discharge Permit compliance for each of the hospitals.

August – September ,2005  –  VictoriaAirport – design and implementation of monitoring  program to determine the  source of contamination of Rhey Creek.  The contract consisted of taking water (microbiological  and chemical  analysis), soil and vegetation samples from various stations along Rhey Creek from the head of  the creek to the point were the creek  runs into Bazan Bay. The stations were determined from historical data and proximity to storm basins and discharge outlets.

August, 2006 – December 2007  –  VIHA – development and implementation of monitoring program for discharge permit compliance. This contract was a continuation of the 2004 contract. Using data obtained in 2004, 2 sampling stations were set up  around each hospital. The sampling points were designated in the discharge permit to be sampled quarterly for various organic and inorganic parameters. Both grab samples and 24 hour composite samples were  taken at each station.  One station at each site also had a flow meter installed and flow data was downloaded quarterly. The flow data, analysis results and field  observations are all put in a final report that is submitted to the CRD as part of VIHA’s permit. The contract also included training of VIHA staff carry out the program once the contract finished.  Goode Environmental Services  are called in as needed to help with the program.

  • Seaspan International
  • Intercon Marine
  • Chew Excavating
  • Coastal Inspection Services
  • McDonalds Canada
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Fitchett Construction
  • City of Victoria
  • School District 63
  • School District 61
  • 1st  Team Consulting
  • Corporation of the District of Saanich
  • B&C Foods
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Island Farms Dairy
  • Empress Hotel
  • P. Beckner (Black Creek Project)
  • Fisher Road Recycling
  • Knappett Construction
  • Kenetic Construction
  • G4S Secure Solutions Canada
  • VIHA
  • VictoriaAirport


September 1980 –June 1984  – University of Victoria, Victoria, BC,  BSc, Biology

April 2005   –   Understanding and Evaluating Bioaerosols-Faculty of Graduate Studies – University  of BC Faculty of Graduate Studies –   University of BC

April 2011    –    Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Review – UBC Faculty of Medicine, School of Environmental Health

February 2012  –   AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector

November 2012  –   Mould Recognition Assessment and Control

February  2013   –    AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector refresher training

Work Experience

December 1994 – present   –   President/Owner Goode Environmental Services. Self employed – environmental sampling and testing;  monitoring of discharge into sewer and storm drains, Indoor Air Quality testing, Asbestos Building Inspections and testing, drinking water testing

April 1988 – December 1994  –  MB Labs Ltd., Sidney, BC,  Lab technician/supervisor/field technician

September 1984 – March 1988   –     Scandia Seafarms Ltd., Sooke, BC,   Salmon Farm Manager/ Environmental Officer

Our Company Mission

At Goode Environmental we are committed to providing the best in environmental sampling, reporting and management of all our projects.  We have a passion for our work and take pride in every process along the way.

The Goode Promise

Provide accurate, timely and cost effective environmental sampling without compromising any process any step of the way.